We now offer fabric protection and cleaning services for all types of upholstered furniture. All products used are non-toxic and eco-friendly.     We work with a trusted third party for this service. Once a request for cleaning or fabric protection is submitted through us, you will receive a call from the company requesting a time to visit your home.

Protection: MagiSeal is a protective coating that helps prevent common household spills from becoming permanent stains. Fabrics protected with MagiSeal have improved water-resistance and oil-resistance. In fact, most liquid spills simply bead-up on the surface of the fabric, where you can wipe them up, without a trace. MagiSeal allows for a quick and easy cleanup.

Cleaning: Furniture cleaning is a specialized service that requires the right tools, techniques and experience to perform properly. When done right, professional cleaning will help restore the original look and feel of your fabric furniture by removing ground in soil and eliminating stains. Professional cleaning will also improve the health of your home environment by removing dust and atmospheric soil that becomes trapped in fabrics.