Meet Jodie


Welcome to J & J Made! My name is Jodie and I am excited to introduce you to our creative company that is meant to provide you with a personalized and specialized service, in a cost-effective, exceptional way.

Working with fabric has been part of my entire life! From my Danish roots, my mother bestowed upon me a soft spot for mid century modern furniture, reinforced from our travels there. Growing up with a father who worked in the trades his entire career, I observed unqualified appreciation and pride for his own workmanship. This modeling definitely instilled a desire to use my own creative energy and I began gaining skills and a hobbyist eye for all things related to restoring and reviving beautiful pieces. For post-secondary schooling, I took marketing and business which ultimately has positioned me to feel confident in combining my passionate hobby with an entrepreneurial venture.

My husband Jesse and I learned early on in our relationship that we had a mutual interest in hunting for the perfect piece of vintage and antique furniture to reupholster.  It wasn’t long before that mutual interest became a passion as we began to upholster furniture for our first home in Toronto, a charming loft that we adored and quickly became our happy place, with  unique pieces to make it our own. With factors like Affordability and our new passion for the uniqueness of vintage pieces, we decided to learn the trade of re-upholstery to upgrade and renew the pieces we had collected which needed work. Our love story soon evolved into a mutual love for the trade of re-upholstery, and the creative energy to source beautiful fabrics and transform amazingly unique pieces became the pulse behind our business idea. I left the corporate world and brought my business skill set to interface with my passion and voila! J & J made was born.

Shortly after, our two daughters Olivia and Audrey were born also, who bring joy to my life and by extension my work. They will have the legacy of beautiful “made” things which my parents bestowed on me and they will know the joy their mother has in doing it for others. This is part of the legacy we will give them.

I know the magic of creating something new, that has a historic beauty to it. I also know the importance of creating warmth in a home and protecting what furnishings you love. Surrounding yourself with things you love and use is what you will get from J & J Made.

I would love to work with you, to help you relive the past and reinvent treasures for your own home and legacy.

Jodie Merson, Owner

Jodie Merson, Owner